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Generates music based on typing speed, connotation, and stress.
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Generating music based on typing speed, connotation, and vowel sounds. was made at HackRPI by myself and Jon Schaad. We were hoping to create something that produced music based on the words that were being typed.

It uses MIDI.js to produce the actual music, the python library nltk for natural language processing, and it is currently hosted on Microsoft Azure.

To run a local instance of, clone the repo and run in your terminal:

virtualenv env
source env/bin/activate
pip install -r requirements.txt

From here you will have to download some files in the nltk data package so in python run:

import nltk

This should bring up a GUI for you to install the correct packages. Those packages are:

cmu_dict (under the Corpora tab)
maxent\_treebank\_pos (under the Models tab)
punkt (under the Models tab)

This will work for OS X/Linux, but the command to activate the virtual environment is different for windows. Also, the installation of numpy might not work for Windows users. Download and install the binaries for numpy here.

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