A MapKit plugin for Apache Cordova, forked from https://github.com/imhotep/MapKit
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MapKit plugin for iOS and Android

Uses Apple Maps on iOS and Google Maps v2 on Android

Currently only works/tested on Android and iOS. Requires Cordova 3.0+ (will not work on earlier versions without modifications).

Cordova Map 1

Cordova Map 2

Cordova Map 3

Cordova Map 4

Android specific

You need a Google Maps Android v2 API KEY from google and you need to specify it when you install the plugin

You can install this plugin with plugman

plugman install --platform android --project android-mapkit-example/ --plugin /path/to/MapKit --variable API_KEY="YOUR_API_KEY_FROM_GOOGLE"

or with cordova CLI

cordova -d plugin add /path/to/MapKit --variable API_KEY="YOUR_API_KEY_FROM_GOOGLE"

(/path/to/MapKit could be the git repository https://github.com/imhotep/MapKit)

Follow the instructions that are displayed after you install the plugin.

Sample code

var app = {
    showMap: function() {
        var pins = [
            lat: 49.28115,
            lon: -123.10450,
            title: "A Cool Title",
            snippet: "A Really Cool Snippet",
            icon: mapKit.iconColors.HUE_ROSE
            lat: 49.27503,
            lon: -123.12138,
            title: "A Cool Title, with no Snippet",
            icon: {
              type: "asset",
              resource: "www/img/logo.png", //an image in the asset directory
              pinColor: mapKit.iconColors.HUE_VIOLET //iOS only
            lat: 49.28286,
            lon: -123.11891,
            title: "Awesome Title",
            snippet: "Awesome Snippet",
            icon: mapKit.iconColors.HUE_GREEN
        var error = function() {
        var success = function() {
          mapKit.addMapPins(pins, function() { 
                                      console.log('adMapPins success');  
                                  function() { console.log('error'); });
        mapKit.showMap(success, error);
    hideMap: function() {
        var success = function() {
          console.log('Map hidden');
        var error = function() {
        mapKit.hideMap(success, error);
    clearMapPins: function() {
        var success = function() {
          console.log('Map Pins cleared!');
        var error = function() {
        mapKit.clearMapPins(success, error);
    changeMapType: function() {
        var success = function() {
          console.log('Map Type Changed');
        var error = function() {
        mapKit.changeMapType(mapKit.mapType.MAP_TYPE_SATELLITE, success, error);


You can override the options by passing a suitable options object as arguments to showMap

var options = {
  height: 460, // height of the map (width is always full size for now)
  diameter: 1000,   // unused for now
  atBottom: true,   // bottom or top of the webview
  lat: 49.281468,   // initial camera position latitude
  lon: -123.104446  // initial camera position latitude

Sample App

Checkout the sample/ application as a boilerplate!

Missing features

Info bubbles: Simple info bubbles supported (title, snippet and custom icons for markers). Custom info bubbles not supported (i.e HTML bubbles etc..).



Credits for iOS

  • Brett Rudd @goya
  • Becky Gibson @becka11y