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A simple Javascript file for nicely formatting Discord webhooks
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Discord Webhooks

version npm

A simple Javascript file for nicely formatting Discord webhooks

See the full documentation at


It's simple

To initialise:

const webhook = require("webhook-discord")

const Hook = new webhook.Webhook("WEBHOOK URL")


To send an info message:"WEBHOOK NAME","Info")

To send a warning message:

Hook.warn("WEBHOOK NAME", "Warning message")

To send an error message:

Hook.err("WEBHOOK NAME","Error")

To send a success message:

Hook.success("WEBHOOK NAME","Yay we did something right")

Custom messages

To send custom messages, you should make use of the MessageBuilder.

See all the options on the documentation

const webhook = require("webhook-discord");

const Hook = new webhook.Webhook("WEBHOOK URL");

const msg = new webhook.MessageBuilder()
                .setText("This is my webhook!");


Either use npm:

npm install webhook-discord

Or clone from source:

git clone



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