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A Jekyll plugin for embedding Flickr photosets
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Fix some img attributes

Remove `longdesc` attribute wich isn't usefull since it's the same as `title` & `alt`
Add `alt` & `title` attributes to thumbnail images
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It's a Jekyll plugin for embedding Flickr photosets in your Liquid templates.

I was moving from Posterous to Jekyll and I was looking for a slideshow gallery like Posterous had. You put a simple tag with a Flickr photoset ID inside your post and it builds a slideshow gallery. So I made it: one tag generates a gallery, no more. Dead simple.

Here is an example of this integration:


{% flickr_photoset 12345678901234567 %}
{% flickr_photoset 12345678901234567 "Square" "Medium 640" "Large" "Site MP4" %}


  • 12345678901234567 is the Flickr photoset ID (can be found in this kind of url:
  • "Square" is the size for the thumbnail image (which also the one by default)
  • "Medium 640" is the size for the displayed image (which also the one by default)
  • "Large" is the size for the opened image (which also the one by default)
  • "Site MP4" is the format for the video in case photoset include a video (which also the one by default)

Other Flickr size can be found here.



Flickraw is a library to access flickr API in a simple way.

gem install flickraw

A Flickr API key

You can obtain a Flickr API key here. And follow instructions on the FlickRaw page for authentication:

  • create a flickr.rb file with content of "Authentication" bloc code
  • replace api_key & shared_secret by the one previously generated on the Flickr website
  • launch it with ruby -rubygems flickr.rb
  • follow instructions

Then put them inside _config.yml (where flickr: is defined on the root level):

  cache_dir:       "./_cache/flickr"
  api_key:          xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  shared_secret:    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  access_token:     xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  access_secret:    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

There is also an ability to generate cache. It will put all images references from each photoset. It will save a lot of time when you will have to regenerate all your posts. Cache are written in a yml file. Photoset ID is the file name.


Foundation Clearing

The master branch use Clearing, from Foundation, to display a kind of gallery. It handles a list of images, and a fullscreen slideshow.

AD Gallery

This is the plugin used to generate the slideshow gallery, which is almost the same from Posterous. You will find references in adgallery folder, I put the latest version (1.2.7).

If you want to use it, switch to the ad-gallery branch. I didn't test it under Jekyll 1.0+.


I've looked inside :

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