This is a port of sfSimpleForumPlugin for Doctrine & Symfony 1.4
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This is a port of sfSimpleForumPlugin for Doctrine & Symfony 1.4

It relies on an already working registration process (using sfDoctrineGuardPlugin).

Screenshots are available in the wiki and if you want to test it, the plugin is live on my personal website.


The prerequisites for using the sfSimpleForum plugin are the same of sfSimpleForumplugin:

By default, I use the trunk version of sfDoctrineGuardPlugin, to install it, just checkout the trunk :

$ svn co plugins/sfDoctrineGuardPlugin

If you want to use an older version of sfDoctrineGuardPlugin, just remove the 3 email_address fixtures in sfDoctrineSimpleForumPlugin/data/fixtures/fixtures.yml , it should work.

  • If you want to use RSS feeds, you must install the sfFeed2Plugin


Install the plugin from the source you want (svn, git, etc ..)

With git from your project directory

$ git clone git:// -s plugins/sfDoctrineSimpleForumPlugin

With svn from your project directory

$ svn checkout plugins/sfDoctrineSimpleForumPlugin

Enable it in ProjectConfiguration.class.php

    class ProjectConfiguration extends sfProjectConfiguration
      public function setup()

Rebuild the model, generate the SQL code for the new tables, insert it into your database and load the included fixtures :

$ php symfony doctrine:build --all --and-load

Clear the cache to enable the autoloading to find the new classes:

$ php symfony cc

Enable the new sfSimpleForum module and the new sfSimpleForum helper in your application, via the settings.yml file.

    # in myproject/apps/frontend/config/settings.yml
        enabled_modules:        [sfSimpleForum, default]
        standard_helpers:       [Partial, Cache, sfSimpleForum, I18N]

Publish assets for the forum

$ php symfony plugin:publish-assets

Because of cycling dependencies in the fixtures, the latest post information can't be set automatically by doctrine. It will be updated when you will post your first message, or you can fix this by running the update-last-post task :

$ php symfony forum:update-last-post

Start using the plugin by browsing to the frontend module's default page:


If you want to enable the plugin administration interface, you have to enable two more modules. You can do so in your main application or in a backend application. the following example is for a 'backend' application:

    # in myproject/apps/backend/config/settings.yml
        enabled_modules:        [sfSimpleForumCategoryAdmin, sfSimpleForumForumAdmin, sfSimpleForumTopicAdmin, sfSimpleForumPostAdmin, sfSimpleForumRankAdmin, default]

Configure the plugin categories and forums by browsing to the administration modules default pages (assuming your backend application is called backend):



Some settings can be tweaked in your app settings.yml

        display_recommandations: true         # will allow the users to recommand a topic.
        display_abuse: true                   # will allow the users to report abuse for a topic.
        count_views: true                     # will count the number of view per topic.
        admin_email:            # is the email of the admin who will receive abuse mails
        from_email:             # is the "from" email address used to send abuse email
        show_author_details: true             # displays detailed information about the author on each post
        max_per_page: 10                      # number of posts displayed per page
        display_avatar: true                  # if you want to display an image for each user (if show_author_details is set to true)
        avatar_method: getLogo                # provide a method which will return the path of the image to display. This method should be defined il your app/lib/myUser.class.php file
        upload_dir: forum/                    # the directory where uploaded files (for the rank system) will be uploaded. It will append this dir to sfConfig::get('sf_upload_dir')
        display_rank: true                    # if you want to display the rank of each user (if show_author_details is set to true)
        use_feeds: true                       # if you want to display a RSS link on each topic. Needs sfFeed2Plugin to work
        load_css: true                        # enable default plugin css (disabled this config if you want to use your own css for the forum)

        # image used to display a read / an unread topic
        image_read: /sfDoctrineSimpleForumPlugin/images/email.png
        image_not_read: /sfDoctrineSimpleForumPlugin/images/email_go.png


You can use the french translation as a starting point for other translations.

  • French: up-to-date
  • Russian: up-to-date - Thanks @frost-nzcr4
  • Spanish: up-to-date - Thanks @iribarren
  • Deutsch: not updated since fork from sfSimpleForumPlugin

Export from a phpBB 2.x forum

Here is an export script for a phpBB forum. I used it to convert mine to sfDoctrineSimpleForumPlugin. Basically, it request the database, extract the data and generate a yml file. This file can be easily loaded using symfony.

Check the dedicated wiki page.