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Export from phpBB 2.x

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I used this script to export my old phpBB to sfDoctrineSimpleForumPlugin.

First of all, it is really experimental!! I used it almost one year ago, and it works perfectly for my need. As it can help people who want to migrate (and asked me), I added it.

How it works

  • It request the database using (almost) the same queries as phpBB to retrieve content (users, categories, forums, topics, posts).
  • Then it prepare an array of all items to have a nice yaml structure
  • Finally it prints the yaml
  • No direct update to your project database, only SELECT.

Things to update / know

There are few variables or definition to take care when using this script.

  • forum is located in ./forum ($phpbb_root_path)
  • prefix table in the database is forum ($phpbb_table_prefix)
  • the SGBD is MySQL
  • it use sfGuard as user management system and a defined sfGuardUserProfile
  • only 3 level of users is supported (admin, moderator, user) - which mean, 3 groups and 3 permissions


I recommend you to try each part step by step :)