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All tests of 1.4 release pass without any change of excepted values and none of them have been removed.



The sfPropelPlugin has been removed.
Use the sfPropelORMPlugin if you want to use the great Propel ORM.


The trim option of sfValidatorBase is now set to true by default.

The method sfForm::embedFormForForeach have been removed.

Due to the new embed form enhancements:

  • The form is not cloned anymore when it you embed it
  • You cannot embed the same sfForm instance twice or more into an sfForm.
  • You cannot added the same sfValidatorErrorSchema instance twice or more into an sfValidatorErrorSchema.
  • The method sfValidatorErrorSchema::addErrors only accept an sfValidatorErrorSchema instance as argument.
  • The sfValidatorErrorSchema constructor no longer accept an array of errors as second argument.
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