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A set of jQuery functions for designers
What is it? Most of them are css(3) settings called using jQuery.
How to use? Include assets/js/jquery.dtoolkit.min.js in your page (after jquery itself)

All examples can be found in index.html


Border radius
tl = top left corner / tr = top right corner / br = bottom right corner / bl = bottom left corner

Scroll to bottom / top, create an element at the top of the page and one on the bottom of the page and fill them in below

Background color
Rainbow cycle background of any element. To change the color scheme, change it in assets/css/dtoolkit.css

Daily background color change on two weekly basis (max: 14 colors c1 - c14). Have a different background color every day. 1 set of colors for the even weeks (c1 - c7) and a 2nd set of colors for the odd weeks (c8 - c14)

Bounce element
times = amount of bounces / distance = height of bounce / speed = speed of bounce
$('.fDiv').bounceElement({times:5, distance:90, speed:300});

Rotate element Rotate elements to a fixed degree

Rotate elements random to predefined degrees (16 options r1 - r16, positive and negative values)
$('.sDiv').randomRotate({r1:70,r2: -200,r3: 10, r4: -88});

Rotate elements with animation, degrees = amount of degrees / duration = speed of animation