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Strava Bulk Upload Manual Entries Tool
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Strava Bulk Upload Tool

This script was created to allow Strava users to bulk upload manual entries through the simplicity of an excel sheet


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Strava’s “Upload Manual Entry” service allows users to submit entries without GPX or route data. This service is for users who have collected activity data in past where handheld GPS technology was less common. The problem with uploading manual entries to Strava is that users have to manually input each entry data and submit to a web form. There is no facility to bulk upload several - hundreds of manual entries.

If you’re like my dad, you may have over 2000 old entries. If you imagine it takes you 7 seconds to submit the data entry and redirect back to the page, then it would take you 3.9 hours to upload the 2000 entries.

This script automates the manual submission of entries through You simply paste your manual entries into an excel template and set up the script. When testing it took 35 minutes to submit 2000+ entries through this script which was running asynchronously in the background of my PC.

How to start

Follow the Wiki How to Guide found here.


If you have encountered a problem please use the bugs tab or contact me here


  • Thanks to SourceForge HTMLUnit


This project is licensed under the MIT license - see the file for details.

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