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Open Source SCPI device library
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SCPI parser library v2



SCPI Parser library aims to provide parsing ability of SCPI commands on instrument side. All commands are defined by its patterns eg: "STATus:QUEStionable:EVENt?".

Source codes are published with open source BSD 2-Clause License.

SCPI parser library is based on these standards

SCPI version compliance

SCPI versionv1999.0

Supported command patterns

FeaturePattern example
Short and long formMEASure means MEAS or MEASURE command
Common command*CLS
Compound commandCONFigure:VOLTage
Query commandMEASure:VOLTage?, *IDN?
Optional keywordsMEASure:VOLTage[:DC]?
Numeric keyword suffix
Multiple identical capabilities

Supported parameter types

Decimal10, 10.5
Decimal with suffix-5.5 V, 1.5 KOHM
String"text", 'text'
Arbitrary block#12AB
Program expression(1)
Numeric list(1,2:50,80)
Channel list(@1!2:3!4,5!6)
Character dataMINimum, DEFault, INFinity

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