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updated config sample to remove duplication default text

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1 parent f5a2567 commit 313a8c3aa285cee261c432199d4c5e04944304ed @remiprev remiprev committed Aug 15, 2009
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1 cfg/config.sample.php
@@ -55,7 +55,6 @@
array( 'Texte', 'intro', array(
'title' => 'Introduction',
- 'text' => 'Ceci est un petit texte d’introduction. Pour ne pas voir le titre "Introduction", il suffit de ne pas configurer l’item `title` de l’élément <strong>Texte</strong>.',
'text' => 'This is a short introduction text. To hide the "Introduction" title, all you have to is not specify a "title" item for the <strong>Texte</strong> box.',

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