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This project serves as the basis for the online documentation effort for the Spree ecommerce project. The documentation has been graciously donated by members of our online community. This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 license. Contributions are encouraged. Please ask Sean Schofield for commit access if you have something to contribute. If you are thinking about a new guide or major changes to the organization of the existing guides, please be courteous and do this in your own fork so it can be discussed before merging.

Please stick to the established format and feel free to ask questions on spree-user or #spree if you have any questions.

To build the entire set of guides simply run the following command

$ git clone git://
$ cd spree-guides
$ bundle install
$ bundle exec guides build

You can force a rebuild of all of the guides using

$ bundle exec guides build --clean

You can also specify that you want to rebuild just a few of the guides

$ bundle exec guides build --only=checkout adjustments

To build edge guides including GA tracking

$ bundle exec guides build --clean --edge --ga

Finally, you can also preview the guides while you work

$ bundle exec guides preview

If you'd like to make an occasional contribution to the spree-guides project please fork it and send a pull request when you have changes that you'd like to be pulled into the master branch.

When you feel it is time to become a regular contributor feel free to send an email to spree-user (be sure to include your GitHub username) and say that you would like to contribute. We'll add you to the list so you can commit directly to the guides project.

Please be considerate when making changes to the spree-guides. If you wish to make major changes to how the documentation is organized then you should use a GitHub fork and ask people to review your proposed changes instead.


To deploy the normal guides:

$ bundle exec cap deploy

To deploy edge guides:

$ bundle exec cap deploy -S edge=true