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ORMLite Core

This package provides the core functionality for the JDBC and Android packages. Users that are connecting to SQL databases via JDBC should download the ormlite-jdbc package instead which includes these core classes. Android users should download the ormlite-android package instead which also includes these core classes.

ORMLite is easy to use and provides the following features:

Enjoy, Gray Watson

Code Example

The following is a quick code example to give you a taste on how to use the library.

// this uses h2 but you can change it to match your database
String databaseUrl = "jdbc:h2:mem:account";
// create a connection source to our database
ConnectionSource connectionSource = new JdbcConnectionSource(databaseUrl);

// instantiate the DAO to handle Account with String id
Dao<Account,String> accountDao = DaoManager.createDao(connectionSource, Account.class);

// if you need to create the 'accounts' table make this call
TableUtils.createTable(connectionSource, Account.class);

// create an instance of Account
String name = "Jim Smith";
Account account = new Account(name, "_secret");

// persist the account object to the database

// retrieve the account
Account account2 = accountDao.queryForId(name);
// show its password
System.out.println("Account: " + account2.getPassword());

// close the connection source

Logging Information

ORMLite has copied in logging code from SimpleLogging which backends to a number of different logging systems and is configurable via code or configuration. For more details see the logging documentation.

Maven Configuration

For JDBC usage, you should depend on Maven Central which includes the core classes.


For Android usage, you should depend on Maven Central which includes the core classes.


ChangeLog Release Notes

See the ChangeLog.txt file.