Simple Java CSV reading and writing library using Java annotations
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Simple Java CSV Reader / Writer

This package provides some Java classes to help with the reading and writing of CSV files using Java annotations.

Enjoy, Gray Watson

Quick Example:

Define your entity with the fields marked with the @CsvColumn annotation, can also mark get/set methods:

public class Account {
	@CsvColumn(columnName = "Name")
	private String name;
	@CsvColumn(columnName = "Account Number")
	private long number;

Create a CSV processor for the Account class.

CsvProcessor<Account> csvProcessor = new CsvProcessor<Account>(Account.class);

Write out all of the accounts from a list of them to a CSV file with a header:

File csvFile = new File(CSV_FILE_PATH);
csvProcessor.writeAll(csvFile, accountList, true /* write header */);

This generates the following output:

"Name","Account Number"
"Bill Smith",1
"Foo Bar",2
"Jim Jimston",3

Now read those accounts back in with an optional error handler:

List<Account> readAccounts = csvProcessor.readAll(csvFile, null /* error handler */);

ChangeLog Release Notes

See the ChangeLog.txt file.