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package com.j256.simplemetrics.example;
import java.util.Random;
import com.j256.simplemetrics.manager.MetricsManager;
import com.j256.simplemetrics.metric.ControlledMetricAccum;
import com.j256.simplemetrics.metric.ControlledMetricRatio;
import com.j256.simplemetrics.persister.MetricValuesPersister;
import com.j256.simplemetrics.persister.MetricsPersisterJob;
import com.j256.simplemetrics.persister.SystemOutMetricsPersister;
* Basic example which shows some of the features of the SimpleMetrics package.
* @author graywatson
public class BasicExample {
public static void main(String[] args) throws IOException {
// instantiate our manager
MetricsManager manager = new MetricsManager();
// create a simple metrics persister that writes to System.out
SystemOutMetricsPersister metricsPersister = new SystemOutMetricsPersister();
manager.setMetricValuesPersisters(new MetricValuesPersister[] { metricsPersister });
// instantiate a couple of metrics
ControlledMetricAccum hitsMetric =
new ControlledMetricAccum("example", null, "hits", "number of hits to the cache", null);
ControlledMetricAccum missesMetric =
new ControlledMetricAccum("example", null, "misses", "number of misses to the cache", null);
ControlledMetricRatio ratioMetric =
new ControlledMetricRatio("example", null, "ratio", "ratio of hits to misses", null);
// register them with the manager
* Start up the persisting thread to persist the metrics every so often. This is persisting every 1 second but
* you'll probably want to do a minute (60000) or something.
MetricsPersisterJob persisterThread = new MetricsPersisterJob(manager, 1000, 1000, true);
// now we run our application which is just doing some random counting
Random random = new Random();
for (long i = 0; i < 1000000000L; i++) {
// ok, we don't have a cache so we'll simulate using random
if (random.nextBoolean()) {
ratioMetric.adjustValue(1, 1);
} else {
ratioMetric.adjustValue(0, 1);
// persist at the very end in case your computer is faster than mine (or it's the future)
// shutdown the persister thread