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from itertools import zip_longest
except ImportError:
from itertools import izip_longest as zip_longest
import fractions
from numbertype import *
# strip all copies of elt from the end of the list
def strip(L, elt):
if len(L) == 0: return L
i = len(L) - 1
while i >= 0 and L[i] == elt:
i -= 1
return L[:i+1]
# create a polynomial with coefficients in a field; coefficients are in
# increasing order of monomial degree so that, for example, [1,2,3]
# corresponds to 1 + 2x + 3x^2
def polynomialsOver(field=fractions.Fraction):
class Polynomial(DomainElement):
operatorPrecedence = 2
def factory(cls, L):
return Polynomial([cls.field(x) for x in L])
def __init__(self, c):
if type(c) is Polynomial:
self.coefficients = c.coefficients
elif isinstance(c, field):
self.coefficients = [c]
elif not hasattr(c, '__iter__') and not hasattr(c, 'iter'):
self.coefficients = [field(c)]
self.coefficients = c
self.coefficients = strip(self.coefficients, field(0))
def isZero(self): return self.coefficients == []
def __repr__(self):
if self.isZero():
return '0'
return ' + '.join(['%s x^%d' % (a,i) if i > 0 else '%s'%a
for i,a in enumerate(self.coefficients)])
def __abs__(self): return len(self.coefficients) # the valuation only gives 0 to the zero polynomial, i.e. 1+degree
def __len__(self): return len(self.coefficients)
def __sub__(self, other): return self + (-other)
def __iter__(self): return iter(self.coefficients)
def __neg__(self): return Polynomial([-a for a in self])
def iter(self): return self.__iter__()
def leadingCoefficient(self): return self.coefficients[-1]
def degree(self): return abs(self) - 1
def __eq__(self, other):
return == and all([x==y for (x,y) in zip(self, other)])
def __ne__(self, other):
return != or any([x!=y for (x,y) in zip(self, other)])
def __add__(self, other):
newCoefficients = [sum(x) for x in zip_longest(self, other, fillvalue=self.field(0))]
return Polynomial(newCoefficients)
def __mul__(self, other):
if self.isZero() or other.isZero():
return Zero()
newCoeffs = [self.field(0) for _ in range(len(self) + len(other) - 1)]
for i,a in enumerate(self):
for j,b in enumerate(other):
newCoeffs[i+j] += a*b
return Polynomial(newCoeffs)
def __divmod__(self, divisor):
quotient, remainder = Zero(), self
divisorDeg =
divisorLC = divisor.leadingCoefficient()
while >= divisorDeg:
monomialExponent = - divisorDeg
monomialZeros = [self.field(0) for _ in range(monomialExponent)]
monomialDivisor = Polynomial(monomialZeros + [remainder.leadingCoefficient() / divisorLC])
quotient += monomialDivisor
remainder -= monomialDivisor * divisor
return quotient, remainder
def __truediv__(self, divisor):
if divisor.isZero():
raise ZeroDivisionError
return divmod(self, divisor)[0]
def __mod__(self, divisor):
if divisor.isZero():
raise ZeroDivisionError
return divmod(self, divisor)[1]
def Zero():
return Polynomial([])
Polynomial.field = field
Polynomial.__name__ = '(%s)[x]' % field.__name__
Polynomial.englishName = 'Polynomials in one variable over %s' % field.__name__
return Polynomial
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