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#!/usr/bin/env python
from brubeck.request_handling import Brubeck, WebMessageHandler
from brubeck.connections import Mongrel2Connection
from brubeck.models import User
from brubeck.auth import authenticated, UserHandlingMixin
import sys
import logging
### Hardcode a user for the demo
demo_user = User.create_user('jd', 'foo')
class DemoHandler(WebMessageHandler, UserHandlingMixin):
def get_current_user(self):
"""Attempts to load authentication credentials from a request and validate
them. Returns an instantiated User if credentials were good.
`get_current_user` is a callback triggered by decorating a function
with @authenticated.
username = self.get_argument('username')
password = self.get_argument('password')
if demo_user.username != username:
logging.error('Auth fail: username incorrect')
if not demo_user.check_password(password):
logging.error('Auth fail: password incorrect')
return'Access granted for user: %s' % username)
return demo_user
def post(self):
"""Requires username and password."""
self.set_body('%s logged in successfully!' % (self.current_user.username))
return self.render()
config = {
'msg_conn': Mongrel2Connection('tcp://', 'tcp://'),
'handler_tuples': [(r'^/brubeck', DemoHandler)],
app = Brubeck(**config)