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#!/usr/bin/env python
import csv
import sys
import re
import os
from optparse import OptionParser
def DoReshapeProcess(Input, Output='default'):
"""Determine whether to process the input as a file or list of files contained in an input directory.
Create an output directory to write output files if the input is a directory.
@Input - csv file or directory containing csv files
@Output - if specified, ouput files will be written to this directory
if os.path.isdir(Input):
FileList = os.listdir(Input)
if Output == 'default':
for EachFile in FileList:
ReshapeAMTCSV(os.path.join(Input, EachFile), os.path.join(os.getcwd(), 'out'))
elif os.path.isfile(Input):
print 'Input is not supported'
def ReshapeAMTCSV(InputFile, Output='default'):
"""Parse an input file containing data exported from ATM and write out simplified file in an out directory.
@Input - Input csv file
f = open(InputFile)
file_data = f.readlines()
handler = csv.reader(file_data)
headers =
# find header info and prepare data structures
info_lines = []
for i,h in enumerate(headers):
if h == 'AssignmentStatus':
ass_status = int(i)
#29/01/2010 Johann added info about starting time for the task
if h == 'AcceptTime':
ass_start = int(i)
#29/01/2010 Johann added info about submit time for the task
if h == 'SubmitTime':
ass_submit = int(i)
#29/01/2010 Johann added info about location of worker
if h == 'Answer.where_live':
worker_location = int(i)
#29/01/2010 Johann added info about period of time during which worker has been speaking language
if h == 'Answer.how_long':
english_long = int(i)
if h == 'WorkerId':
worker_id = int(i)
if h == 'Input.numSegs':
input_segments = int(i)
info_group = [None] * 3
# number of segments is on line below headers
next_line =
num_segs = int(next_line[i])
print num_segs
#info_lines = [[None, None, None] for i in xrange(int(num_segs) + 1)]
info_lines = [[None, None] for i in xrange(int(num_segs) + 1)]
print info_lines
handler = csv.reader(file_data)
# m = re.findall('Input.seg(\d+)', h)
# if len(m) == 1:
# print 'Here'
# seg_id = int(m[0])
# try:
# info_lines[seg_id][0] = int(i)
# except IndexError:
# pass
m = re.findall('Answer.seg(\d+)', h)
if len(m) == 1:
seg_id = int(m[0])
#info_lines[int(seg_id)][1] = int(i)
info_lines[int(seg_id)][0] = int(i)
m = re.findall('Answer.translation(\d+)', h)
if len(m) == 1:
seg_id = int(m[0])
#info_lines[int(seg_id)][2] = int(i)
info_lines[int(seg_id)][1] = int(i)
#29/01/2010: Johann added tab as delimiter instead of comma
if Output == 'default':
#writer = csv.writer(sys.stdout, delimiter='\t')
writer = csv.writer(sys.stdout)
#writer = csv.writer(open(os.path.join(Output, 'mod_' + os.path.basename(InputFile)), 'wb'), delimiter='\t')
writer = csv.writer(open(os.path.join(Output, 'mod_' + os.path.basename(InputFile)), 'wb'))
# Print a line for
for l in handler:
# seg id's start with 1. thus, so do we
for seg_id in xrange(1, int(num_segs)+1):
line = (l[ass_status],
l[ info_lines[seg_id][0] ],
l[ info_lines[seg_id][1] ],
# l[ info_lines[seg_id][2] ]
if __name__ == "__main__":
parser = OptionParser(usage="%prog -i input <-o=outputdir>")
parser.add_option('-i', '--input', dest='input', action='store',
help='Input to parse (file or directory)')
parser.add_option('-o', '--outputdir', dest='output', action='store', help='Optional output directory to write output files')
if len(sys.argv) == 1:
(options, args) = parser.parse_args()
DoReshapeProcess(options.input, options.output)
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