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JIM Invoice Manager, an Invoicing Software for small and medium business
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- JIM v0.2.0

   Copyright (c) 2011-2015 Juan Jose Salazar Garcia -
   - Description

      JIM Invoice Manager is an Invoicing Software for SMBs (Small and 
      Medium Business). You should read doc/about.txt to get more 
      details in depth about the domain logic for this application.

   - Details.

      - Developed in C++ and Qt5 framework.
      - Data to be saved in a SQLite database (future versions will be 
        able to work with several DBMS).
      - Multiplatform. Works properly on GNU/Linux and Microsoft Windows 
        (XP, Vista and 7). Likely, should works on MacOs X, however it 
        hasn't been tested yet.
      - Multilanguage. Available in english and spanish language.
   - Installation.

      You must read INSTALL file to get more details about installation.
   - Licence

      JIM is licensed under the GNU General Public License version 3,
      you should read LICENSE file to get more details about this.

For more information visit
and you can get latest version from
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