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Fortran Proposals

This repository contains proposals for the Fortran Standard Committee in the Issues section. The idea for this repository is to act as a public facing discussion tool to collaborate with the user community to gather proposals for the Fortran language and systematically track all discussions for each proposal.


  1. Open a new issue with a new addition that you would like to see eventually included in the Fortran standard.

  2. The issue will get discussed. Once the Fortran Committee meets, we will try to gather feedback and post it back to the issue.

  3. If the issue receives

    • negative feedback, then we will close the issue and we will have documented reasons why the idea got rejected. One can open a new issue, reference the closed issue and advocate why it should be revisited.
    • positive feedback, we can start drafting a formal proposal to be submitted into Documents for the US committee. One has to find an advocate at the committee to advocate for the proposal.
  4. Getting the proposal through the Committee is a long process, with multiple approvals, formal requirements, specifications, edits to the standard, etc. We will document this step in more detail. During this process, we can document the latest status at the issue.

Proposal Format

Proposals should be text files, using proposal-template.txt as a template. The reference line is optional, and is used reference previous J3 papers (e.g. 12-345r6, not a full link). The top line should not be modified--the XX-XXX is automatically modified when uploaded. Proposals are limited to 75 characters per line, and are generally around 50 - 350 lines of text. Proposals benefit from minimal code examples and use cases. While J3 will accept PDF proposals, such detailed documents are usually be better suited as a reference, so the proposal itself can be concise.

Plan For This Repository

Currently this repository is maintained by Ondřej Čertík, Zach Jibben and Gary Klimowicz (all members of the Fortran Committee). We plan to maintain this repository, keep it up to date with what the committee is doing and use it to collaborate on ideas and proposals with the Fortran community.

Code of Conduct

Please note that all participants of this project are expected to follow our Code of Conduct. By participating in this project you agree to abide by its terms. See



Proposals for the Fortran Standard Committee


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