Share stationary bike data with Strava, Garmin Connect and Golden Cheetah
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About MPowerTCX

This application converts CSV files produced by stationary bikes to TCX format. The results can imported into fitness tracking tools such as Strava, TrainingPeaks, Garmin Connect and Golden Cheetah.


Click Here for Windows and OS X Releases


Works With

  • MPower Echelon and Echelon 2 for Schwinn A.C. Cycles
  • Stages Indoor Cycles
  • The Sufferfest CSV files
  • Email Us Your Unsupported Files

Supported Fields

Field Status
Power ✔️ Supported
Cadence ✔️ Supported
Heart Rate ✔️ Supported
Speed ✔️ Supported
Laps ⌛ Coming Soon

Advanced Features

  • An Optional Physics Model to Fix Missing or Poorly Estimated Speed
  • Upsampling for Improved Compatibility