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  • Packaging the API as a library so that it can be integrated with other Haskell Web applications
  • Features:
    • Add a link field to the comment form and backend storage so that commenters can provide a link to their blog or home page.
    • Improve request handling so that requests missing the trailing ".html" are redirected to the appropriate place.
    • Better comment viewing tools:
      • View one user's annotations at a time
      • Add a widget that shows an overview of the comments on a document
      • Show where in the document the comments are
    • Have the server add the <script> and <link> tags to documents in the content directory automatically
    • Data storage
      • Add a PostgreSQL storage backend
      • Add a MySQL storage backend
      • Make building SQLite support optional (so you do not need to build it unless you are using that backend)
      • Make the flat-file backend reliable
    • Add support for handing proxy host headers so that URLs get generated properly (e.g. X-Forwarded-Host)
    • Remove the code for dropping OS privilege (it's not really trustworthy, so it's a little bit of a misfeature)
    • Add markup processing for the comments (e.g. Markdown in the user comments)