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iOS - Apple rejected app because no IPv6 compatibility

Please check your store.validator settings! Your hostname need to be reachable via IPv4 and IPv6. If your hostname can't be connected via dualstack Apple will reject your app. This is mostly when you use product type store.PAID_SUBSCRIPTION.

Android - Problems with the payment (BILLING_KEY changed)

Sometimes you have to change the BILLING_KEY, if this is the case you have to handle several places to change the BILLING_KEY. It is best to search for the old BILLING_KEY and change the BILLING_KEY with the new BILLING_KEY. This should fix all problems.

See: #76 (comment)

Android - Google Playstore API V3

When you receive the information that you need to switch to the billing v3 API. In most cases this is because you have not yet updated your server side checks. It seems these still use the V2 API. This is usually due to the server validation you have created yourself. Alternatively, you can use