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Chiral is a lightweight coroutine-based networking framework for high-performance internet and Web services.

Coroutines in Chiral are based on Python 2.5's generators, as specified in PEP 342. The Coroutine class wraps around a generator and handles scheduling. Coroutines are expected to yield WaitConditions, which carry the conditions for the coroutine to be resumed again. This makes asynchronous networking simple and straightforward; see the API documentation (docstrings) for more.

On top of Coroutines, Chiral provides:

  • TCP connection management
  • High-performance networking with epoll()
  • Introspection and on-the-fly code reloading
  • A fast HTTP server supporting WSGI, with extensions for Coroutine-based pages
  • A native memcached client
  • Deeply-integrated COMET support
  • In progress: an instant messaging framework; a thread pool system for calling blocking code
  • Planned: asynchronous database access with DB-API or SQLAlchemy

Chiral development is currently inactive.

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