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hl7-2-mongodb is a simple program to store HL7 messages in MongoDB for analysis.
This program is release under MIT license
This program uses python-hl7 0.2.5 to parse messages of Health Level 7 (HL7) version 2.x into Python objects.
This program uses pymongo 2.5.2 for MongoDB operations.
This program has been tested on Windows 7 & Ubuntu 13.04 with python 2.7.5
To run the program install following prerequisites
python-hl7 0.2.5
pymongo 2.5.2
command prompt>python -f <HL7FeedName> -i <inputfilepath> [-d <dbServer> -p <dbPort>]
$./ -f <HL7FeedName> -i <inputfilepath> [-d <dbServer> -p <dbPort>]
<HL7FeedName> required, is the name of message feed that you want to analyze i.e. ADT, MDM, ORU etc
<inputfilepath> required, is the file containing raw HL7 messages
<dbServer> optional, is the servername/ip of MongoDB server, if not provided default is localhost
<dbPort> optional, is the port on which MongoDB server is running, if not provided default is 27017
For HL7 message analysis follow articles