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+title: Julython Hack Evening
+venue: The Skiff
+datetime: 2012-07-10 19:00
+**Please [sign up on Lanyrd]( if you will be attending.**
+[Julython]( is an opportunity for Python programmers around the world to work on pet projects in their spare time throughout the month of July. BrightonPy tonight will be an informal meeting: bring your laptop, help yourself to drinks and nibbles, and take the chance to:
+* Work on one of your own open source projects
+* Find other developers to collaborate with on something new
+* Play with some new technology you've been meaning to get to grips with
+* Show off an idea or technology you're excited about
+* Meet other Python developers and get some ideas for where to go next
+* Impromptu code review
+* Have a beer with some other geeks
+If you're not sure what to work on, we still have our Hack Day project from last summer, [usrgrp]( to get finished!

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