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+speaker: Jamie Matthews and others
+title: Raspberry Pi Jam - “Py Vs Pi”
+venue: Build Brighton
+datetime: 2012-11-27 19:00
+**IMPORTANT NOTE: This meeting is *not* at our usual venue. It's at the BuildBrighton Hackspace, just off Hollingdean Road. Please see the "[How To Find Us](" page on the BuildBrighton site for directions.**
+For this event, we've teamed up with Brighton's Raspberry Pi User Group for a special "Py/Pi" event. Just in case you've never heard of it, the [Raspberry Pi]( is a credit-card sized computer that costs just £25, and can be used for all manner of low-cost, low-power, high-fun projects.
+Jamie Matthews will be giving an introduction to the Python programming language, which comes pre-installed on the official Raspberry Pi operating system distributions. Jamie will take us through the fundamentals of the language, showing just why Python is becoming *the* language of choice for projects of all sizes, and why it's particularly well-suited to the Raspberry Pi.
+**To sign up for free tickets, and for details of the other talks, please see [BrightonPi's Eventbrite page](**

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