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Release Notes


  • Supports Django 1.5.
  • Fixes issues with 'HEAD' method.
  • Allow views to specify template used by TemplateRenderer
  • More consistent error responses
  • Some serializer fixes
  • Fix internet explorer ajax behaviour
  • Minor xml and yaml fixes
  • Improve setup (eg use staticfiles, not the defunct ADMIN_MEDIA_PREFIX)
  • Sensible absolute URL generation, not using hacky set_script_prefix


  • Added DjangoModelPermissions class to support django.contrib.auth style permissions.
  • Use staticfiles for css files. - Easier to override. Won't conflict with customised admin styles (eg grappelli)
  • Templates are now nicely namespaced. - Allows easier overriding.
  • Drop implied 'pk' filter if last arg in urlconf is unnamed. - Too magical. Explict is better than implicit.
  • Saner template variable autoescaping.
  • Tider
  • Updated for URLObject 2.0
  • Bugfixes: - Bug with PerUserThrottling when user contains unicode chars.


  • Bugfixes: * Fix 403 for POST and PUT from the UI with UserLoggedInAuthentication (#115) * serialize_model method in may cause wrong value (#73) * Fix Error when clicking OPTIONS button (#146) * And many other fixes
  • Remove short status codes - Zen of Python: "There should be one-- and preferably only one --obvious way to do it."
  • get_name, get_description become methods on the view - makes them overridable.
  • Improved model mixin API - Hooks for build_query, get_instance_data, get_model, get_queryset, get_ordering


  • [not documented]


  • JSONP Support
  • Bugfixes, including support for latest markdown release


  • Fix broken IsAdminUser permission.
  • OPTIONS support.
  • XMLParser.
  • Drop mentions of Blog, BitBucket.


  • Fix some throttling bugs.
  • X-Throttle header on throttling.
  • Support for nesting resources on related models.


  • Throttling support complete.


  • Couple of simple bugfixes over 0.2.0


  • Big refactoring changes since 0.1.0, ask on the discussion group if anything isn't clear. The public API has been massively cleaned up. Expect it to be fairly stable from here on in.
  • Resource becomes decoupled into View and Resource, your views should now inherit from View, not Resource.
  • The handler functions on views .get() .put() .post() etc, no longer have the content and auth args. Use self.CONTENT inside a view to access the deserialized, validated content. Use self.user inside a view to access the authenticated user.
  • allowed_methods and anon_allowed_methods are now defunct. if a method is defined, it's available. The permissions attribute on a View is now used to provide generic permissions checking. Use permission classes such as FullAnonAccess, IsAuthenticated or IsUserOrIsAnonReadOnly to set the permissions.
  • The authenticators class becomes authentication. Class names change to Authentication.
  • The emitters class becomes renderers. Class names change to Renderers.
  • ResponseException becomes ErrorResponse.
  • The mixin classes have been nicely refactored, the basic mixins are now RequestMixin, ResponseMixin, AuthMixin, and ResourceMixin You can reuse these mixin classes individually without using the View class.


  • Final build before pulling in all the refactoring changes for 0.2, in case anyone needs to hang on to 0.1.


  • Initial release.