Screen-scrape the API documentation and produce YQL Open Data Tables
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Screen-scrape the API documentation to autogenerate Yahoo! Query
Language (YQL) Open Data Tables for each public API method.

As with any screen-scraper, this is fragile and ugly. Blame for
having such a rubbish, hard-to-use, badly documented API that something 
like this is necessary.

This only returns infomation about the public API methods, ie those that just
require an API key to use. You could probably use YQL's ability to execute 
server-side JavaScript ( ) 
to create tables which could authenticate with to call the private
methods, but I personally had no need for this so didn't bother.

To use this, you'll need to create a directory with the name defined in OUTPUT_DIR. 
Your XML and environment files will end up in here.

The BASE_ENV_URL variable is used to generate an Environment file
containing table definition for all the XML files that have been generated.
You should put in here the URL at which you'll be serving the files.


        html5lib -
        django -