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An inventory of "page issue" templates on Wikipedia
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A page issues inventory

What does this do?

This script uses the mediawiki API to produce a list of parsed templates that can be considered "page issues" or "article notices".

Why does it do it?

The purpose of this list is to count how many page issues, in which languages, can be made more compact for mobile devices.

How does it work?

The script fetch templates that are members of a specific category. The category is assumed to hold most or many of the "page issues" templates for a given language*.

The templates from the "page issues" category are then formatted as wikitext and sent back to the API to be parsed into HTML. The final HTML is formatted in a table on a per-language basis.

* DISCLAIMER: This approach only works if the language in question has a category page that lists "page issues". Some Wikis don't have a broad "page issues" category page. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

How do I use it?

npm install
npm run start

The script only outputs one langauge at a time. To change the output language, you have to go into index.js and modify the value of currentLang to match a property in langmap.

Who dun did it?

Written by JDrewniak (WMF) for the Reading Web Team in service of task T189132.

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