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import Foundation
import os
enum TaskCreateViewEvent {
case newRow(row: Int, text: String)
case removeRow(row: Int)
case save(tasks: String, tasklist: Tasklist)
case dismiss
case viewIsReady
enum TaskCreateViewUpdate {
case tasklist(tasklist: Tasklist)
extension TaskCreateViewController: Injectable
typealias Input = TaskCreateViewUpdate
func input(_ input: TaskCreateViewUpdate) {
DispatchQueue.main.async {
switch input {
case .tasklist(let tasklist): self.taskCreateView.tasklist = tasklist
extension TaskCreateInteractor: Injectable
typealias Input = TaskCreateViewEvent
func input(_ input: Input){
switch input {
case .newRow(let row, let text): os_log("implement create row %d %@", row, text)
case .removeRow(let row): os_log("implement remove row %d", row)
case .save(let tasks, let tasklist): save(tasks: tasks, taskList: tasklist)
case .dismiss: environment.coordinator.dismissWithDiscardAnimation()
case .viewIsReady:
func build() -> TaskCreateViewController {
let interactor = TaskCreateInteractor()
let controller = TaskCreateViewController()
interactor.output = { [unowned controller] update in
os_log(.debug, log: OSLog.default, "view update: %@", "\(update)")
controller.output = { event in
os_log(.debug, log: OSLog.default, "event: %@", "\(event)")
return controller
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