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Javascript documentation tool. Uses esprima for parsing and a custom type inference( engine for analysis. It supports JSDOC style comments using j5g3.jsdoc-parser(

The engine is fast, and can be used to render documentation on the fly.

Supported tags:

  • abstract, virtual
  • alias
  • author
  • augments, extends
  • callback
  • class, constructor, constructs
  • const, constant
  • copyright
  • deprecated
  • desc
  • event
  • extends
  • file
  • global
  • ignore
  • lends, scope
  • license
  • method, property, mixin
  • namespace
  • param
  • private, protected, public
  • readonly
  • requires, returns
  • static
  • this
  • throws
  • todo
  • version


Download/Clone the repository and then run these commands in the root folder.

npm install


docs/index.html Live documentation rendering.

Command Line Tool


Usage: docma [options] sources.js+


-n --name docname          String to use as title of documentation page.
-t --template template     Underscore template file to use.

Will output HTML to standard output. Requires node.js.