Delegates decoding to methods in the data file, for a lighter client app.
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Delegates decoding to the data file, for a lighter client app. Should this be adopted, client apps will immediately support new file encodings, updated methods may readily replace the file's own methods, and a variety of encodings will be supported by any app that implements the simple umbrella format.


Choose a sub-folder, copy it locally, and use a pass-through web server to host it. Then view the .html file in your browser.

What does it do?

coded-raw comprises:

  • an example client app;
  • a JavaScript library, which dynamically loads and invokes the functional part of the file, to return flat output;
  • a data format with associated standards.

Together, these parts allow a data file to render itself. The client app, rather than dealing with the encoded data natively, then accepts simple output, such as a flat bitmap or a text stream.

This implementation: S0

The example provided in the Demo-S0 folder is a simple client app that demonstrates the dynamic loading of a data file, calls the decoder, and shows the result in browser's Console. S0 is the first implementation standard, and we've drafted standards S1, S2, and S3. The latter will provide parameterised rendering and a choice of output formats.

Requesting "S0-demo.json"
httpRequest.status: 200

Interrogating file
File says it implements CodedRaw standard "S0:0.0.1"
File has JSON-safe encoded raw data:  2
File renders data as:  Content=2

What's the clever bit?

It's a functional approach. We download the json data file, find out what standard it implements, then call its embedded decoder. Here's the best bit:

CodedRaw = {
  getModule: function(filename, callback) { // callback is usually CodedRaw.render
  render: function(mod) {
    var getVersion = new Function(mod.code.getVersion);
    var getContent = new Function('data', mod.code.getContent);
    return getContent(;

Security Concerns: plans for Web Workers

In some environments, injected functions might present security challenges. See issue #1 for solutions.