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Markov chains in inefficient JS.
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Markov In Inefficient JS

View public_index.html for a sample.

These chains are generated with two independent dictionaries of 2-grams and 3-grams. Sentences are split into words and these words are used to index the following words. For instance, the following sentences:

to be or not to be that is the question

...would be recategorized as:

to: ['be', 'be']
be: ['or']
or: ['not']
not: ['to']
that: ['is']

Note that the duplicated be's are intentional; a random index in the to array can then be used to pick a next word, weighted for probability.

3-grams are indexed as:

'to be': ['or']
'be or': ['not']

and so on.

It's horribly inefficient, but... So sue me.

More information here.

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