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Tradfri manager

Simple webinterface to manage tradfri light bulbs (or any other devices supporting the COAP protocol).


To setup tradfri manager you have to create a settings.json file that contains information about your local tradfri gateway.

    "securityCode": "abcedf123456"

You can find the security code of your tradfri gateway on the backside of it - right next to the QR-Code. The securityCode is used by the backend in order to authenticate with the gateway. After successful authentication a combination of indentity string and psk key are issued for successive logins. These information will automatically be saved in the settings.json file.


After successfully setting up the settings.json file, use the following command in order to start the application:

$ npm start
    Listening on port 3111

By default the application start of port 3111 and can now be opened in a browser.


Index page showing a list of lightbulbs and remotes Detail page with adjustment sliders for colors on RGB bulbs Detail page with adjustment sliders for color temperature on white only bulbs

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