Max for Live Video Plugins for Ableton Live
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V-Module Audio Instruments/V-Input Audio
V-Module AudioModules
V-Module VideoModules/V-OpenGL-Camera and Position
V-Module - User Manual - version 0.9 and higher.pdf


Max for Live Video Plugins with 3D engine support (Ableton Live)

V-Module is a collection of Max for Live devices for real-time video content creation and processing within Ableton Live. It works on top of Live and is essentially a Live-like interface to Jitter functionalities in Max (along with a few creations of mine). V-Module is currently free (of course you must own Ableton Live and Max for Live licences in order to be able to use it) and available under a Creative Common “No Derivative Works” license.

You can check for additional information and work examples on: