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An automated personal assistant bot
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An automated personal assistant bot

A Qt GUI desktop application for Ubuntu(currently).

Mwave is a fully featured voice and gesture controlled automated assistant. It packs both hardware and software features to complete some of your routine tasks.The creators have tried their best to make the interface as much user friendly as possible. These include:

  • Google search
  • Weather report
  • Reminders
  • Dictionary
  • Daily news headlines
  • Control system volume, brightness, media controls and many more…
  • Home automation
    • Controlling lights, fans and other devices…

**Get Live Weather reports**

Give Voice Commands

Many more commands available...

##List of all available commands

  • Activate OR Wakeup: To activate Mwave.
  • Deactivate OR Sleep: To put the Mwave into Sleep Mode.
  • Lights on: Turns lights on.
  • Lights off: Turns lights off.
  • Fan on: Turns fan on.
  • Fan off: Turns fan off.
  • Fan speed: Increase/decrease fan speed using gestures or arrow keys.
  • Mute: To stop voice response (disable Mwave speech output).
  • Unmute: To make the Mwave speak (enable Mwave speech output).
  • Back: To return to main screen.
  • Completion Inline: To make Auto-completion Inline(completes commands - inline).
  • Completion Popup: To use Popup Auto-completion(gives popup suggestions for commands).
  • Volume: To Increase or Decrease System Volume.
  • Brightness: To set System brightness.
  • Search : This command will show you web search results according to your query in your default brouser.
  • Set search engine: Set your choice of search engine(By default Google).
  • Weather: This command will first try to locate your city and provide weather report, if it fails then it will ask for your city and accordingly it will provide weather report.
  • Screen Off: To turn your screen off.
  • Define : To provide definition of queried word.
  • Time: This command will show recent system time.
  • Date: To show date of the today.
  • Time And Date: To show recent date and time of system.
  • Cricket Score: This command will show you a list of recent Cricket - Matches, among them you can select specific macth to see current match status.
  • Set Reminder: To set reminder for your day to day work.
  • Help: To get detailed help for every command.
  • License: For protection of M-Wave.
  • About: About M-Wave



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