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Javascript application Framework + ES5 normalization.
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BarFoos is a Javascript application framework. Features are:

- ECMAscript edition 5 normalization
- Allows for a loosely coupled architecture
- Uses browser css transitions to animate stuff (when available)
- Lots of neat helper methods

The Core of BarFoos is shipped with an integrated mediator. When used correctly, you can simply plug in and out any module on your site without affecting other modules. So everything keeps working.

Furthermore, the architecture of BarFoos is designed to switch any core layer aswell very easily. By default, BarFoos uses jQuery as it's "base library" to abstract browser differences. If you're writting a module, you don't care about the base library at all. The special "Sandbox" object is everything a module is able to see of the application. So if there is a need to switch the base library, you would only need to adapt the Core and Sandbox. All of your modules keep calling the same methods and will therefore continue to work.

The basic idea here is, that you break down your website into lots of small areas. Each area is represented through a BarFoos module. The module now only cares about its own tasks and has no idea about the web application as a whole. Communication only happens through the Sandbox via a mediator and event types. That technique also enables you to work simultaneously on different areas (modules) with several people. There is no tightly coupled relationship between modules. That guarantees any change that was made in an "inter module communication", cannot crash your application.

The Core easily can get extended by plugins.

BarFoos architecture

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