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Delivering Javascript-, Stylesheet- & Image- files over a single request, using MXHR.


<script src="/js/supply.min.js?v=2"></script>
<script type="text/javascript">
    debug: false,
    javascript: [

Only supply.min.js is loaded via the conventional <script src=""> method. All other files in this example, are then fetched on the server and pushed to the browser in a single request (instead of five). Since each request means overhead this is pretty fast.


Streaming images! Since version 1.1.0, you can also stream images with SupplyJS. This could look like:

supply.listen('image/jpg', function(payload, filename) {
    jQuery('<img>', {
        src: 'data:image/jpeg;base64,' + payload

    debug: false,
    images: [

As a rule: The more files you're loading, the greater is the benefit you gain using Supply!

Example & Playground: http://www.typeofnan.com/lab/mxhr-stream/


You need to setup two things. First, supply.js needs to know the path and the name from the server-script part. Either change the dealer variable directly in supply.js:

dealer  = '/cgi-bin/supply.pl',     // server script which deals us the data

or call supply.setDealer() before you call supply.files():


The second thing that needs to be configured is the servers absolute path to your files. This can be done in supply.pl:

my $base_dir = "/var/www/typeofnan";

So if we pass /js/init.min.js to supply.files(), supply.pl will open



Moar server scripts!

I just have a perl version online right now. But the function of the backend part is really trivial. Basically it is:

  • open a file
  • read the files content
  • concat it
  • send the concatinated string

I will follow up soon with a PHP version. I'd be happy about any contribution on that part too. Anything is possible here, nodeJS, Rails, Python and whatnot.