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Grails Plugin for Weceem Spring Security integration
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Weceem Spring Security Plugin for Grails

This is the code for a plugin that will bridge your application's Spring Security and domain classes to the free Open Source Weceem CMS plugin for Grails.

Security in the Weceem plugin is completely decoupled so that you can plug in whatever security mechanism you are using, and this plugin uses this mechanism to have your user information supplied to Weceem from Spring Security Core. You can configure the property mappings from your user domain classes to the user object properties available at runtime.

It is now compatible with Grails 2.4.x, current released version: 1.3 release notes

For the latest updates and release information visit Weceem site and follow @weceem on twitter.

Full documentation about Weceem plugin is available on the GitHub

Lead: Stephan Albers

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