Backup your Undertale save files and replace them with new ones temporarily.
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Ever wanted to jump to a specific part of Undertale easily?
Flowey's Time Machine already makes save files,
but you have to backup them and stuff, every time... And Annoying dog could appear :|

Welp, I'm here to fix that!


UndertaleSandbox does a few things.

  1. It searches for downloaded file0 and ini files. (Reads latest modified)
  • If any file was not found, it uses the existing file.
  • You can specify alternative file paths in command line arguments.
  1. It backs everything up.
  2. It tries to remove annoying dog (resolving conflicts).
  3. It copies the files over.
  4. It starts undertale.
  5. It restores the backups.

Now, it might not work for you. But hopefully, you can resolve that by editing
the .ui_config file and set paths to their correct values.


  • Cross platform
  • Simple to use
  • Configuration file
  • Command line arguments (run with --help)


The program should backup your data, but just in case anything goes wrong:
I take no responsibility if any data is lost.

Now now, it's just a game anyways. Don't worry, it'll probably be fine.