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  • April 14 2014
    • Build process completely reworked and automated via Grunt + Travis CI.
  • August 23 2013
    • Added bitfield support (was considered to be borrowed from jBinary, but implemented faster and simpler version).
    • Completely dynamic one-time write* definition for all the set* methods.
    • Restructured tests using Mocha's BDD style, so now possible to test separate features and/or engines.
  • May 15 2013
    • jDataView got own account! More projects and demos coming soon.
  • May 30 2013:
    • RReverser added support for UTF-8 strings
    • Added support for 64-bit signed and unsigned integers (with precision loss outside the ±2^53 range when using primitive JS numbers due to IEEE.754 restrictions)
    • Added support for CanvasPixelArray as fast byte array for browsers that don't support Typed Arrays yet (like IE9)
    • Refactored code.
    • Added ability to test library on all the engines that are supported on current platform at once.
    • Added JSHint configuration according to project code guidelines and implemented corresponding QUnit test.
  • April 8 2013:
    • mmthomas implemented support for denormalized float values in setters
  • March 16 2013:
    • RReverser added support for setters in all supported implementations!
    • Performance improvements changing lower level constructs and type of inner buffers
    • Addition of [gs]etBytes, write*, wrapBuffer and slice helpers
    • Added support for any Array-like byte storage as input (Array, Uint8Array, Arguments, jQuery(Array), ...)
    • Added ability to create empty buffer (and operate on it) by passing count of bytes to wrapBuffer.
  • June 30 2012: Thanks to Mithgol for the changes!
    • Changed default to big endian from little endian to be compatible with DataView specification
    • Dropped support for NodeJS < 0.5.5, it was buggy anyway
    • Fixed an issue where ArrayBuffer would not work on NodeJS
    • Moved the compatibility checks outside of the read functions for hopefully better performance
  • December 22 2011: Added IE6-9 support by scintill
  • November 30 2011:
    • Added NodeJS Buffer support + NPM Package.
    • Added support for NaN and Infinity in the float shim.
    • Added buffer, byteLength and byteOffset attributes.
    • Fixed bugs using non zero byteOffset and added more bound checks.
  • September 21 2011: Added a missing littleEndian argument on getInt16.
  • April 28 2011: Seeking to the end of file no longer throws an error.
  • April 26 2011: Fixed a bug with extremely large unsigned 32bit being considered as signed. (Solution).
  • April 8 2011: Added littleEndian argument on the constructor. Opera 11.50 does not fully implement DataView, improved check.