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PPSN2018 Tutorial: "Multi-objective optimization with the jMetal framework"

This site will contain the stuff to be used in the tutorial I will give at the PPSN'18 conference in September 2018.

The tutorial description is the following:

jMetal is a Java-based framework for multi-objective optimization with metaheuristics which has become popular in many disciplines (such as engineering, economics, bioinformatics, search based software engineering, etc). The journal paper describing jMetal has more than 750 citations according to Google Scholar, and it has been used by research groups, industry and academia.

In this tutorial, we give a practical overview of the main jMetal components (algorithms, encodings, problems, operators, experiments, quality indicators), focusing on how to configure and run some of the included metaheuristics and also on how to incorporate new solution representations and problems. We give examples of classical algorithms but also more modern techniques, including preference-based metaheuristics. Special attention will be paid to the definition of experimental studies to statistically assess the performance of algorithms. The main goal is that the attendants can replicate all the examples presented, and the material needed to follow the tutorial will be available in a public repository (


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