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jMetal project Web site

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jMetal is a Java-based framework for multi-objective optimization with metaheuristics. The last stable version is 6.0. The most recent documentation is hosted in

The current development version (6.1-SNAPSHOT) is a Maven project structured in the following sub-projects:

Sub-project Contents
jmetal-core Core classes
jmetal-solution Solution encodings
jmetal-algorithm Algorithm implementations
jmetal-problem Benchmark problems
jmetal-lab Experimentation and visualization
jmetal-parallel Parallel extensions
jmetal-auto Auto-design and configuration
jmetal-component Component-based algorithms

Comments and suggestions are welcome.


  • [12/13/2022] jMetal 6.0 is released.
  • [9/12/2022] The master branch has been renamed main.
  • [7/5/2022] The jMetal project adopts Java 14.
  • [5/23/2022] Algorithm AGE-MOEA-II. Contribution of Annibale Panichella (@apanichella).
  • [5/9/2022] Algorithm AGE-MOEA. Contribution of Annibale Panichella (@apanichella).
  • [3/28/2022] The CF benchmark of constrained multi-objective problems, defined in Constrained Multiobjective Optimization: Test Problem Construction and Performance Evaluations, has been included.
  • [3/28/2022] The constraint handling code has been refactorized and the documentation has been updated.
  • [9/6/2021] Release 5.11
  • [9/6/2021] The jMetal project adopts Java 13.
  • [7/6/2021] The LSMOP benchmark is available.
  • [2/19/2021] The Solution interface has been refactorized.
  • [2/19/2021] New implementation of quality indicators to remove the dependence of jMetal classes. Now, all of them accept as a parameter a matrix containing objective values.
  • [1/21/2021] Added the MicroFAME multi-objective genetic algorith, described in: Alejandro Santiago, Bernabé Dorronsoro, Héctor Fraire, Patricia Ruíz: Micro-Genetic algorithm with fuzzy selection of operators for multi-Objective optimization: microFAME. Swarm and Evolutionary Computation, V.61, March 2021. DOI. Contributed by Alejandro Santiago.