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Documentation Organization

Lemur and its modules have many uses. The best attempt has been made to organize the docs into sections based on the type of user. If you are interested in just using one or two of the Lemur modules in your own project then check out the Modules Documentation. Otherwise, read the general usage documentation that follows and/or select a specific topic in the side bar on the right.


Because many terms are highly overloaded in our environment, I will list some terms and their specific semantic meaning throughout this documentation.

  • GUI Element: this is the main type of 'component' in a user interface. It includes panels, buttons, sliders, etc.. Some frameworks call this a "component" but that word gets confusing in other contexts and Lemur uses component for another specific case. So if you see the term "GUI Element" you know we are referring to the minimum user-facing interface 'thing'. Sometimes the documentation will just say "element".
  • Component: GUI Elements are typically made up of layers of components called a Component Stack.

API Javadoc

It's always worth becoming familiar with the project javadocs and keeping these links handy:

The API documentation is generated as part of the latest Lemur release and may have more up to date and specific information than these documentation pages contain.

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