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Removing the dodgy 'optimization' that broke some people and caused o…

…ther 'makeup' changes to better support the dodginess.

 (And I do realize I have the benefit of analyzing the aftermath, hindsight is 20/20, etc.)  Included a big long comment about the right way to implement this optimization.
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1 parent 3a4624a commit 31cab674b3cf6c8e0ad6c8e47560f2150167ecff @pspeed42 pspeed42 committed Nov 16, 2015
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  1. +30 −0 jme3-core/src/main/java/com/jme3/scene/
@@ -570,6 +570,35 @@ public int collideWith(Collidable other, CollisionResults results){
// optimization: try collideWith BoundingVolume to avoid possibly redundant tests on children
// number 4 in condition is somewhat arbitrary. When there is only one child, the boundingVolume test is redundant at all.
// The idea is when there are few children, it can be too expensive to test boundingVolume first.
+ /*
+ I'm removing this change until some issues can be addressed and I really
+ think it needs to be implemented a better way anyway.
+ First, it causes issues for anyone doing collideWith() with BoundingVolumes
+ and expecting it to trickle down to the children. For example, children
+ with BoundingSphere bounding volumes and collideWith(BoundingSphere). Doing
+ a collision check at the parent level then has to do a BoundingSphere to BoundingBox
+ collision which isn't resolved. (Having to come up with a collision point in that
+ case is tricky and the first sign that this is the wrong approach.)
+ Second, the rippling changes this caused to 'optimize' collideWith() for this
+ special use-case are another sign that this approach was a bit dodgy. The whole
+ idea of calculating a full collision just to see if the two shapes collide at all
+ is very wasteful.
+ A proper implementation should support a simpler boolean check that doesn't do
+ all of that calculation. For example, if 'other' is also a BoundingVolume (ie: 99.9%
+ of all non-Ray cases) then a direct BV to BV intersects() test can be done. So much
+ faster. And if 'other' _is_ a Ray then the BV.intersects(Ray) call can be done.
+ I don't have time to do it right now but I'll at least un-break a bunch of peoples'
+ code until it can be 'optimized' properly. Hopefully it's not too late to back out
+ the other dodgy ripples this caused. -pspeed (hindsight-expert ;))
+ Note: the code itself is relatively simple to implement but I don't have time to
+ a) test it, and b) see if '> 4' is still a decent check for it. Could be it's fast
+ enough to do all the time for > 1.
if (children.size() > 4)
BoundingVolume bv = this.getWorldBound();
@@ -578,6 +607,7 @@ public int collideWith(Collidable other, CollisionResults results){
// collideWith without CollisionResults parameter used to avoid allocation when possible
if (bv.collideWith(other) == 0) return 0;
+ */
for (Spatial child : children.getArray()){
total += child.collideWith(other, results);

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