Add new constructors for lights #297

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Add the following convenience constructors:
AmbientLight(ColorRGBA color)
DirectionalLight(ColorRGBA color, Vector3f direction)
PointLight(ColorRGBA color, Vector3f position)
SpotLight(ColorRGBA color, Vector3f position, Vector3f direction, float innerAngle, float outerAngle)

@shadowislord shadowislord added this to the Future Release milestone Jul 13, 2015
Dokthar commented Jul 13, 2015

Btw adding a cloneForSpatial(Spatial spatial) into the LightControl would be very appreciate into the scene editor.

Nehon commented Jul 14, 2015

Please, this is harldy related to the issue.
Create an other issue, and describe it thouroughly.


Not to mention that LightControl already has cloneForSpatial()... so.... yeah, if you do mention this on a forum or a different issue then include exactly what you are talking about at the same time.

@DannyJo DannyJo added a commit to Kendanware/jmonkeyengine that referenced this issue Jul 15, 2015
@DannyJo DannyJo Added additional convenience constructors to Light, AmbientLight, Dir…
…ectionalLight, PointLight and SpotLight as mentioned in #297
zzuegg commented Aug 23, 2015

any news on this, there are two PR open for this issue: 306 and 302

DannyJo commented Sep 6, 2015

Pull Request #306 resolves this issue.

@DannyJo DannyJo closed this Sep 6, 2015
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