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A v3.2 patch release with various fixes since v3.2.3:

  • issue #1065 (ClassCastException in Uniform)
  • issue #1120 (scaled GImpactCollisionShape doesn't collide properly)
  • issue #1135 (ConeJoint causes rigid body to vanish)
  • issue #1106 (color-space warning from Blender importer)
  • issue #1113 (ParticleEmitter when setParticlesPerSec() is invoked on every update)
  • issue #1037 (HullCollisionShape performance)
  • pull request #1052 (default textures in j3md)
  • issue #1125 (CollisionShape doesn't match TerrainQuad)
  • issue #1121 (PQTorus bounds)
  • issue #1060 (bt32BitAxisSweep3 not implemented)

PLUS new tests, fixes to tests, and improvements to the JavaDoc.

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