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A simple example project that can be used to create MCVE's to report jOOQ issues
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Thank you very much for taking the time to report a bug to us, we greatly appreciate it. Even more so, since you are about to take the time to create an MCVE (Minimal Complete Verifiable Example). Thanks to you, we can make jOOQ an even better product!

How to use this project to prepare your MCVE

Create a fork from this project and then

git clone<your-user-name>/jOOQ-mcve
cd jOOQ-mcve
mvn clean install

It will:

  • Use Flyway to install a sample schema located in src/main/resources/db/migration into an H2 database
  • Run jOOQ's code generator on it
  • Run a simple integration test

This should work without any additional setup on your side.

How to prepare your MCVE

For your MCVE, you will have to adapt a few things, probably. This includes:

  • The Java version:
    • Go to the pom.xml file, search for maven-compiler-plugin, and adapt the <source> and <target> version there.
  • The jOOQ version:
    • Go to the pom.xml file, search for org.jooq.version, and adapt the version there.
  • The jOOQ distribution:
    • If you're using the commercial distributions, go to the pom.xml file, search for <groupId>org.jooq</groupId>, and replace by the appropriate groupId. If you're using the Open Source distribution, no change is needed.
  • The JDBC driver:
    • Go to the pom.xml file, replace the H2 driver <dependency> by yours, and adapt ${db.url}, ${db.username}, and ${db.password}
    • Go to the org.jooq.mcve.test.MCVETest class and replace URL, username, and password there as well

In addition to the above, you probably need to adapt also:

  • The SQL script
  • The code generator configuration in the pom.xml
  • The actual test that is being run in org.jooq.mcve.test.MCVETest

When you've set up your MCVE, run these statements again:

mvn clean install

Notice that if you're using the same H2 database that was used initially, you may need to run

mvn flyway:clean

... in order to reset your database (Beware: As it says. This resets your database).

How to submit your MCVE

Found a way to reproduce the issue using the above procedure? Excellent! Now:

git commit -am "MCVE for issue #1234"
git push

And include a link to your repository<your-user-name>/jOOQ-mcve in your issue report. Done!

Thanks again for taking the time to do this. Looking forward to your MCVE

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