jOOU - Unsigned Integers jOOU provides unsigned integer versions for the four Java integer types byte, short, int and long.
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jOOU is filling up the gap with one of Java's most wanted features: The unsigned number types.

Incredibly, there seems no simple implementation available for just the four basic unsigned integer types as wrappers:

UByte, UShort, UInteger, ULong

See also this stack overflow question here:

So I have implemented these four classes, extending java.lang.Number and implementing java.lang.Comparable<?>. Besides, there is a utility class called org.joou.Unsigned with factory methods allowing for creating unsigned wrappers like this:

import static org.joou.Unsigned.*;

// and then...
UByte    b = ubyte(1);
UShort   s = ushort(1);
UInteger i = uint(1);
ULong    l = ulong(1);

This was created for, to provide better support for MySQL, Postgres, and other databases' unsigned integer data types.